Hi there, I'm Alan and thanks for dropping by!

I grew up in Tasmania, still love the place but moved over to Melbourne so Vikashni my wife could progress her career. Together with our little girl Saffron we are exploring this awesome city and meeting its great people. I always loved visiting and working in Melbourne and the chance to shoot many more wedding here is so exciting, the opportunities are endless, so many great people to meet and people to photograph.

As a family we love drinking coffee and babychinos, running around the beach, snuggling on the couch and cooking. We cook a lot. And by a lot I mean, A LOT. My specialty is weird but good grainy salads, a chocolate bolognese sauce (everyone who has had it goes nuts over it) and also not too hot amazing flavoured curries. My wife is the baker, she bakes too many treats, she is responsible for the weight gains of all her co-workers. Saffron bakes cakes in her toy kitchen with playdough.

We also love exploring new places and having adventures. Saffron's been all over the place, and is fine on planes, boats and trains. We are all excited about our next escape, travel is high on our list of priorities.

My wife calls me a big girl. I don't mind, I kind of am. I tend to get excited by shopping, in fact I am responsible for most of my wife's wardrobe, as well as my daughters. I'm not fantastic with tools either, but I am learning. My wife also looks after the cars. So yes, she wears the pants, but I don't wear a skirt as I don't have the legs for it.

I've been shooting weddings since 2000, and over those years I've discovered that wedding photography is all about your connection with your photographer as much as it is about wedding photos.

If we connect, if you know me and I know you, it turns from a wedding photographer taking photos at your wedding, to a having a friend documenting you doing something amazing for each other.

Great photos happen when there is a connection, trust and a genuine friendship. I'm so privileged that so many of my great friends have started by me photographing their wedding.

I'm the kind of photographer who will get excited, laugh and cry with you through the day. You might not see me cry as I tend to hide behind the camera when I'm doing that! (big girl thing coming in again)

Feel free to get in touch to find out my availability for your day, or for my latest recipe.
Thanks again for visiting!