Pueblo Colorado Wedding | Mike and Jessi

Let us start this 2.5 Months ago...
Mike" Hey, I'm getting married in August."

Me "Great, I'll be there... hang on this August or next."

Mike "This."

Me "Oh. (insert sadface as that's not going to happen)"

Flash forward a month
Me "I have a ticket... see you in soon"
Mike  Happy Dance, High Fiving Strangers ( I assumed this but it's what I did)

Lets go way back to when I was in grade 12, through a friend I'd made a heap of friends who weren't at my school. Mike was one of them, the long haired American exchange student. We hung out, saw Titanic and generally got up to things that 16/17 year old guys do (we all saw titanic... didn't we?)

Mike went home but we stayed in touch until the magical time when he said he was coming back for Uni. So the second coming of Mike took place and over 3 years he developed a whole gang of friends, hosted heaps of parties, introduced us all to strange American candy and even Halloween parties. But then he had to go again. I wasn't the only one who shed a tear at that airport.

Of course when you have good friends you stay in touch and I've been inspired and excited for all thing Mike has got up to when he went back to the USA. For those who came to my studio in Launceston, I can almost guarantee that I told you the story of my friend who roasted coffee with solar power on a roaster that he and his brother created. They moved from Oregon to Colorado to chase the sun for roasting and have set up their coffee house to be the best in Pueblo and every month their coffee exports around the US are increasing.

So how was I not going to get over for this wedding. I'd facetimed with Mike, Jessi and their little boy Henry a heap of times and when I landed it was like nothing had changed. Add in Adam also from Tasmania and it was almost too familiar.

Jessi is the perfect companion for Mike, she is beautiful, also inspiring and such a great mum. There is a warmth that radiates from her and I can see who Mike is so in love with her.

As for me.. a groomsman and a photographer... how's that going to work? I jumped in a couple of shots but truly the best thing I could deliver for these guys were these memories. I wore the clothes so I looked the part and got a seat at the big table, that's a win for me!!

So the wedding... it was really casual, a really simple day with very little of the over the top wedding crazy that can creep in. It was them and it was beautiful. Mike's brother David officiated and may have dropped the ball a little when he played "Billy Jean" as the music the newly married couple walk back up the aisle to, but that's a great story.