Top 3 Songs NOT to play at your wedding | Just For Fun

I hear a lot of music at weddings, I reckon i could be a good DJ, i know the songs that get people up and moving, i can predict the songs that will empty the dane floor apart from the 2 drunk cousins who know no one and the guy desperate to pick up at least one of them.

I also know which ones make me laugh when I hear them... here are some of them.

Gold Digger.... Yes.. fun song.. but what is it really saying about the bride :-) ??

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.... Yep, I heard this one once. 

Amazing... Yes it sounds sweet, but have you looked at the lyrics? 

Every Breath You Take... It's not the love song you think it is...

I'll post a follow up to this one soon with songs that get people onto the dance floor and keep it filled! 

What songs have you heard that you think don't belong at a wedding??? Comment below!