Anna and Damian | Engagement Portrait | Perth

Anna and Damian... Yes, they like lego and own replica selves in Muppet format. Wandering around the streets of Perth, heads were turning to see them. One lady i heard ask "where is the puppet show?" I don't there is a public one normally...

Oh and Damian did propose with a Lego ring. And yes he made it himself!

Yeah, personality can really come out in engagement portraits, and can you feel the fun here?
Wedding is coming up in December... i've seen the wedding invitations and they are getting their own blog post when they arrive.

It's time to start the music....


Alex and Damian | Wedding Photography | Tasmania

About 12 months ago Damian and Alex met at a wedding. They sat next to each other on the bus after the reception and had a bit of a chat. Alex got off to get into hotel... then the bus started to keep moving onto it's next destination. Then apparently there was a chant... Damian was encouraged to get "off the bus". He did, but by the time he was, Alex had disappeared. He had a bit of a walk to get back to his hotel.

The following day there were some delays with the airlines and a plane got delayed. This little twist of fate lead Alex and Damian to remeet in the departure lounge. The conversation continued. Details were exchanged and then more conversations continued.

Damian and Alex have the honour of having the longest first date in my knowledge. 7 days. In a campervan. And he also met all of Alex's family, except her Dad. He worked his way up to that.

Well, if that wasn't enough, Damian moved states for Alex. He did it in such a beautiful way with the most honourable of reasons.

It's been a whirlwind 12 months for these guys. I've skimmed over alot of the story, but I can say that Damian and Alex are living for now, organising a wedding in a month, and not just any wedding... a really spectacularly beautiful wedding full of friends, family and lots of love and laughs.

There were so many details from this wedding that I had to do a separate post, click here to see it